The product is made of metal and has passed all the technical and safety inspections, and the manufacturer has issued a declaration of conformity o safety requirements for each part of the climbing stand. The product does not have any electronic accessories, and no hazardous substances or materials that can damage the environment have been used in the composition or during the production of the product. A utility model within EU has been obtained for the product.

The installation of the climbing stand is very easy, and its assembly does not require specialist knowledge in construction. The installation of the climbing stand will not take more than 1 hour.

The climbing stand weighs 45 kg, which must be considered when you choose the place for it and during installation. Taking the weight of the product into consideration, two people should perform the installation. Together with the special legs, the product’s total weight is 90 kg.

The first step of the installation is choosing the suitable place for the climbing stand. With the various wall fixtures included, the climbing stand needs 1 m2 of the floor area and 3 m2 of the wall area. The wall must be strictly vertical. The best wall material to attach the product to is stone or solid wood. Consider the structure of the wall when choosing the fasteners, and make sure that the fasteners can bear the load of the combined weight of the climbing stand and the user.

The manufacturer recommends using the climbing stand together with the appropriate, which allows a broader range of use for the stand while ensuring that the stand’s centre of gravity is closer to the surface of the floor, which enhances the operational safety of the product. The wall frame is attached to the wall with four bolts or screws, and to the floor with two more bolts or screws. During the installation of the frame, make sure that it is vertically and horizontally aligned to ensure the smooth vertical movement of the climbing stand.

Only socket hex bolts have been used for the assembly of the product so that none of the fasteners would protrude from the surface of the wall frame. Product safety was the main consideration in the course of product development. Any complicated detail that became an issue in the process of product development was approved by the Health Board. The whole structure and fastening method have been devised to avoid or minimise the probability of injury to the use during the use of the product.