The climbing stand (a square metre) is a sort of a trail which contains 25 numbered holes situated at equal distance from each other, vertically and horizontally, but at first glance the placement of the numbers seems to be illogical (the appendix displays two trails recommended by the manufacturer and patterns for using them). Users must complete the trail in the hanging position (without using their legs, muahaha!) according to the numbers in the ascending order starting with 1. To perform the exercise, special climbing bars are used for moving from one hole to another whereas it is important to make sure that the right hand goes only to the numbers of one colour, and the left hand - only to the numbers of the other colour. The position of the numbers can be changed, which gives an opportunity to increase or decrease the difficulty level of the exercise. The climbing stand is meant for people of any age and size as the distance between the stand and the ground is adjustable.  There are two methods for using the climbing stand. On one side of the stand there is a ready-made “trail” recommended by the manufacturer, and the users can mark the trails they have devised on the other side of the stand.

The climbing stand can be used after attaching it directly to the wall at the certain height by using appropriate fastening components. However, if the users of the stand considerably vary in height, it is recommended that the stand is attached to the appropriate frame which allows the height of the stand to be adjusted for the exercise depending on the height of the particular user.

The height of the climbing stand can be changed safely and easily. To do this, you first need to remove safety bolts from fastening latches and release the stand from the fastening latches supporting it at the same time. Then you can choose the suitable operating height by adjusting the stand to a higher or lower position with a simple movement. After fixing the appropriate height, first you need to replace the fastening latches and then absolutely make sure that you replace the safety bolts. The lowest position of the bottom edge of the climbing stand is 1 m from the ground, and the highest position is 2 m from the ground. The manufacturer recommends placing an appropriate shock-absorbing amortization mat or a regular gym mat under the climbing stand.