There is nothing more boring than doing pull-ups for thirty times in a row.

What if pull-ups did not mean just a routine of moving up and down? What if it was a quest? A game or competition? Alone or with friends? In which every following result was not just a boring muscle effort, but an intriguing challenge – can I handle it this time? What if doing pull-ups were never again boring or tedious? If each result made you strive for the next one? If you worked on your overall body perception, balance and coordination while training for muscle? Wouldn’t it be nice to change the difficulty level of the exercise easily and comfortably without attaching extra weights to yourself as your physique develops? If you believe you would be interested such a workout method, now you have found it - the climbing stand.

Let us call this piece of fitness gear a climbing stand. The product can be inherently qualified as something between wall bars and an exercise rig. This is a type of sports equipment where users perform certain exercises by employing the muscle power of their arms and upper body. The physical movements during the use of the climbing wall are similar to pull-up on a bar. The difference lies in the fact that the climbing stand turns extremely tedious pull-ups into an exciting group sporting activity or individual workout.

The climbing stand can be used, for example, in a backyard gym or hall, for physical education lessons in school gyms, in various sports halls in addition to other muscle building equipment; the climbing stand would be suitable as a general physique development tool for military units or even sports halls of detention facilities, but also for such public places as beaches or fitness trails.